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To start working with us, please read the information below, then join us by registering on Join as an artist.

The process of registration is easy and quick. To make it even easier, we describe it step by step in the link.


Some important information.

At this moment, we work only with businesses.

To get paid, you need to be a business owner. We will withdraw your money based on an invoice.

Your commission fee is 15%. The shipping cost doesn’t count in your commission fee.

The earning is calculated based on the net price after any potential discount.

Payment of your remuneration is made after the product customer's return date has passed. Please note that, during the preorder phase, products will not be shipped until after the end of the two-month pre-sale.

Based on our agreement, using your graphics on our platform is just licensing for the use of your artworks. We don’t have any rights to your intellectual property. In case of any violations of your copyright infringement, we will take appropriate action to resolve the issue.

Your graphics will be processed by our system, so please be patient. The posters with your graphics will appear on our website as soon as possible, it may take a maximum of up to 2 working days. Please check the account configuration instruction, as well as file requirements before the upload.  

We reserve the right to verify the works and their approval. If any of your images cannot be published, we will notify you and explain the reason for rejection.

We strive for diversity and uniqueness in our posters. We are convinced that each artwork will create a spectacular product by printing it on a carbon fiber sheet.

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We wish you successful selling. Good luck!

Carbon Poster Team.


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