About us

Hi there!

Here is the Carbon Poster team. Why the product which we offer is so unique? We are glad that you ask! 😁

People are already making electric cars (shout-out Elon!), phones smarter than the average communist, and there is even a plan to colonize Mars (shout-out Elon again!). And what's been happening in the world of interior design? Not much so far.

So it's time to change that!

Who of us as a child did not have a poster above the bed of a dream car, athlete, or musician (I love you Shakira!) Now, the poster that you remember from your childhood will be presented to you in a completely new version.

We have taken the material of the future. Straight from racetracks or space flight. Carbon fiber! From now on, this futuristic material can be an element of your interior design. 

Because it already appears in ours!

We have created a product that gives artists previously unavailable opportunities to create their artwork. The print on our posters does not have to be a so-called "full print". Thanks to this you can see the beautiful carbon structure in selected places. Then it can be an element of the composition, its complement, or simply the background. But the number of shapes, combinations, and variations is incredible.

We have mentioned artists. Exactly! They are also extremely important. Every single poster available on our website is created by talented people from all over the world. We are proud and honored that they decided to work with us. Artists from almost every continent collaborate with us. We are extremely grateful to all of you!


But what exactly is the point of carbon fiber?🤔

There are many different materials on the market. Everyone is familiar with paper or metal. But it's the 21st century, and it's time for something futuristic. Unlike the materials mentioned above, carbon is a relatively young material. But damn, how incredible!

Despite its lightweight, it is much stronger than steel. And its unique weave is simply mesmerizing.

Its roots add even more to its charm. Carbon fiber is used to make F1 cars, parts of space rockets, and aircraft. And finally, in the production of supercars!

So why not make a super poster out of it?